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App Description

Cloxee is an app that allows you to countdown to the events that matter to you. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, you name it. Cloxee helps you to countdown and remember those special moments.


  • CUSTOM BACKGROUND: Create countdowns using your own photos as the background. If you don’t have any you can choose a photo from our gallery or search our database.
  • CUSTOM COUNTDOWNS: You can choose from a variety of styles, fonts, colours and filters.
  • SHARE YOUR COUNTDOWNS: We made it pretty easy for you to share the countdowns with your friends. The countdowns can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also save the countdown to your phone and send it directly.
  • UNLIMITED COUNTDOWNS: All your countdowns will be saved in your profile. You can have as many countdowns as you want.
  • REMINDERS: You can set a reminder to be notified when the counting down is over.
  • COUNTDOWN WIDGET: You can set any of your countdowns as the widget to be able to check the realtime countdown without having to go to the app.


Should you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at