Cloxee: Countdown App & Widget

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Cloxee: Countdown App & Widget

In this short article, we will explain to you what is Cloxee good for and why it is the app worth having on your iPhone and iPad. To give you a better idea we have included some gifs, images and even the app screenshots.

So what’s Cloxee?

As the title of the article suggests, Cloxee is an iOS countdown app and widget. Pretty simple idea. And as you would expect there is a sea of countdown apps on both the App Store and Play Store. But we wanted to make something more sophisticated. So we came up with many features the other apps are lacking.

First of all, while creating a countdown, you can choose from variety of different designs, fonts, filters and colours. You can pick the background image from your camera roll, our gallery or a third party database. We added all these features to make sure the countdowns coming out of the Cloxee app look outstanding and we are pretty happy with the outcome.

Once you are done editing, there is a possibility to share the countdowns via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It can be either in a form of a photo (static) or a 10-sec video, so it looks like your countdown is actually counting down. Other than that, all your countdowns are saved in your profile and unlike other countdown apps, Cloxee lets you store an unlimited number of countdowns for free.

That’s not all. Cloxee also supports (and this is our favourite feature) the widget, so you can have your realtime countdown as the widget.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Over the next few months you can expect updates such as an AI that will automatically choose the most appropriate styles and colours according to the background. Moreover, we will constantly be adding more fonts and animated styles on top of that. Stay tuned.

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